French arms sales: the government’s repeated lies in its involvement in the war in Yemen

16 04 2019


Today Disclose independent media provided evidence that the French government was informed of the use in Yemen of French weapons sold to the coalition: Leclerc tanks, arrow shells, Mirage 2000-9, Cobra radar, Aravis tanks, A330 MRTT tankers, Cougar and Dauphin helicopters, Caesar cannons…

ASER reserves the right to introduce an emergency procedure as part of its appeal pending before the Paris Administrative Court.

ASER welcomes the growing interest of the French media in the serious humanitarian crisis in Yemen. However, we regret that the media do not address, as we presented in our complaint to the Administrative Tribunal, the fact that France, a party to the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, violates article 6 because it sells arms to countries of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates responsible for war crimes:

«  A State Party shall not authorize any transfer of conventional arms…, if it has knowledge at the time of authorization that the arms or items would be used in the commission of genocide, crimes against humanity, grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions of 1949, attacks directed against civilian objects or civilians protected as such, or other war crimes as defined by international agreements to which it is a Party. »

Before bringing the matter before the administrative court, ASER had alerted the French government many times, but this did not prevent it from supplying the coalition countries with more than €10 billion worth of weapons and authorising exports for more than €30 billion worth of weapons in 2018.

The scandal is all the more important because since last year the demands of the deputies – Sébastien Nadot (April 2018), Bastien Lachaud (July 2018) and more recently Alexis Corbière (February 2019) – to open an investigation into France’s arms sales have been blocked by the President of the French Republic.

ASER has special ECOSOC consultative status at the United Nations

ASER is a member of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)

Contacts :

For interview requests or participation in a program on the issue of weapons: Benoît Muracciole : +337 72 33 40 45



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