Que doit être la liste des armes pour un TCA efficace ?

2 03 2011

Photo Benoît Muracciole


French Mission, Amnesty International and Caritas


What should be


of an effective

Arms Trade Treaty?


Villagers throw rocks at a police van during a clash in Munshiganj January 31, 2011. Bangladeshi police fired teargas and rubber bullets on Monday to disperse villagers who set fire to a police camp during protests. (c)REUTERS/Andrew Biraj


Tuesday 1 March – 1:15-2:30pm

Conference Room 6 North Lawn Building UNHQ


Eric Danon, French Ambassador to the Conference on Disarmament, Geneva.


Brigadier-General Mujahid Alam: Retired, Pakistan Army; Head of Office, UN Mission to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Pretoria; previously member of the UN International Commission of Inquiry for Rwanda, and senior civil affairs officer with the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo.

Olivier Rossignol: Président de la délégation Caritas Paris. Officier Général en retraite, Ancien responsable du contrôle à la Délégation Générale de l’armement.

Dr. Colin Roberts: Universities Police Science Institute, Cardiff University; former UK police firearms officer.

Brian Wood, ManagerArms Control, Security Trade and Human Rights, Amnesty International and consultant to the UN on arms control.











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